In the last year I’ve also started producing radio for the BBC. Here are a range of some of the projects I’ve worked on.

The Big Idea (15-part series), BBC World Service – Producer

A big idea that shapes how we understand our place in the world – from the idea’s creator.

Two Minutes Past Nine (15-part series), Radio 4 – Researcher

Twenty-five years on from the largest domestic terror incident in American history, journalist Leah Sottile investigates the legacy of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

The cop arrested at Occupy Wall Street (Witness History), BBC World Service – Producer

How former police officer Ray Lewis joined the demonstrations against  –inequality in New York in 2011.

The birth of Reddit (Witness History), BBC World Service

– Producer

In 2005 two young graduates created one of the internet’s most popular websites.

The liberation of the Channel Islands (Witness History), BBC World Service

– Producer

The only part of the British Isles to be occupied during World War Two was only liberated when Berlin fell and the German army surrendered in May 1945.

The Good Lads (People Fixing The World), BBC World Service 

– Producer

Working with men and boys to tackle everyday sexism

James Veitch’s Contractual Obligations (Deepfakes and Mindfulness), BBC Radio 4 – Assistant Producer

Comedian James Veitch gets a challenge from his Radio 4 producer

The Ugly Truth, BBC Radio 4 – Researcher

Is there such a thing as a beauty bias?

Lies My Teacher Told Me, BBC Radio 4

– Researcher

When the textbooks are faked – history is subverted.

Equal As We Are, BBC Radio 4

– Additional Interviews

Laura Wade eavesdrops on conversations between men and women from the past to examine some of today’s thorniest gender issues.

Judy Punches Up, BBC Radio 3

– Researcher

Dr Naomi Paxton plays with the idea that fairground stalwart ‘Punch and Judy’ played a part in the Edwardian Suffrage Movement, along with an enthusiastic band of male supporters.


Previous to joining the BBC I worked as a freelancer for a range of print and online platforms

Crossing Boundaries: Reflections on post-socialism and creative culture in Tallinn, Estonia Travel essay, The Line Of Best Fit

Local news for Lambeth Life

Conservative politics is driving Britain’s youth culture into the ground Column, The Leopard

The student radicals fighting to free their universities Reported Feature,  Dazed

The Story of the Last Cuckoo Magazine Feature, Canal and River Trust

Powerful, positive, non-conformist. Kate Tempest leads Generation Next Cover feature, Live Magazine

Recontres transmuciales de Rennes: how festivals become cultural eco-systems  Travel Feature, The Line Of Best Fit

A potted history of Glastonbury’s Shangri La:  From squatters to celebrated artists Feature for Noisey

Sound Advice Music Column in Live Magazine 

Faith In The City: Towards new religious dialogues in Peckham, South London  Goldsmiths, University of London

I left the city to become a farm labourer and here’s what I learned Feature, Munchies

Boy Adrift: a column about leaving standard education Education column, The Guardian

Teaching festival goers how to cook Feature, Vice / Munchies

Breaking Norway: How Oslo Jazz Festival is fighting for independence and resilience for Oslo’s jazz musicians Travel essay, The Line Of Best Fit

Why are young brits in the UK worried about the EU referendum Interiews, Huck Magazine