Making films with community heroes in Crofton Park

This project can be experienced as either a film or sound piece.

As part of final hand-ins for my degree, we were asked to think about the possibilities for the uses of sound and film work in anthropology. The result was a piece called Made In Crofton, a film and oral history project that took place over a three-month period.

The resulting film brings together a number of contributors from the local community. The voices include a chef, local historian, and music teacher who have all lived and worked in the area over the last twenty years. The founding method was to use film as a means to bring together these disparate conversations and gain access into the everyday stories that inter-thread on one London street.

The music was kindly donated by Max WJ, and all film and interviews were recorded by Robbie Wojciechowski.

The full blog for the project can be found here.