Imagining a future Museum of London

Research / Production / Delivery / Network

As part of a team from Something More Near, I played a part in producing a two-week residency for the Museum of London. The residency focused on shaping the museum’s future as it expands to a new site at Smithfield Meat Market in Farringdon.

The project marked a move towards a more democratic decision-making process for the museum, bringing together voices from across London boroughs to talk about museum issues. 

During the project we discussed, engaged, and facilitated discussions across:

• 11 working sessions
• 7 meetings
• 503 voices
• 110 hours of debate
• 195 coffee orders

In Numbers

• 65 specialists lent their time and their voice to discussions
• 31 members of the general public from across 16 boroughs informed our thinking
• 64 organisations participated from across a range of industries
• Over 30 museum staff dropped into space and shared their thoughts

• 36% BAME voices
• 51% women / 49% men
• From across 26 boroughs

With David Gunn, Celia Delaney, Walter Hutton, and Something More Near team