Finding the world’s biggest Idea’s for the BBC World Service

I was asked to produce the latest series of The Big Idea for the BBC World Service. The project was a Radio Current Affairs production for the World Service. Over each episode, we meet one academic who has a big idea that could change the way we see the world. The series is presented by the author and thinker David Edmonds, who brings these amazing ideas to life.

Available via the BBC website or BBC Sounds

In the series you’ll hear:

  • The reason why we laugh
  • How to topple a dictator
  • Why cities are so successful
  • How to tackle rogue cops
  • How we might fight the next pandemic
  • Why we get addicted
  • Why we’re too optimistic about love
  • Why it pays to be fair
  • Why people with autism are more empathetic than you think

BBC World Service - The Big Idea, The Afterlife