Paper Play: Imagining the possibilities in everyday objects

Part of course submissions for work at Goldsmiths, UOL.

Abstract: This research proposal, bridges the idea of borrowing from ideas and cognitive work on the anthropology of childhood, and exposing it to Material Culture studies. We all play, in some way or other, even if that play is something confined only to the absences of our imagination. By developing work from the fields of psychology and neuroscience, I want to see what a Material Cultures understanding of ‘embodied’ work, could add to development of new ideas around imagination and play. If objects have agency, they also have the potential to be re-imagined with ‘multiple agencies’. Using inventive methods, I want to investigate how studying imagination and play from a material cultures perspective, could offer us a number of possibilities in re-thinking materiality, understanding ‘embodied’ work through a new lens, and opening the door to more research in an under-developed area of Material Cultures work.


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