Politics, People, Power Struggles

Over the last week, we’ve seen a serious of small punctures into the political structure – namely through Occupy, the student movement, and some critical community organising. Here’s a few things I wrote, took part in, and spoke on –



The Daily Crisis 14. Politics, People and Power Struggles 

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Over the last week we’ve had something of a tentative distraction from our normal lives – a new hit of protest culture that’s swept it’s way through campus, down Whitehall, and on to Parliament Square. Aside from the student protests that happened this Wednesday – it seems in recent weeks, there’s been a sizeable shift in the manner by which it seems we’re conducting our local democracy. 

Last Tuesday, to my surprise, I found myself in a hall with 200 students in a lecture hall, voting on policies that were to be instated into Goldsmiths own legislation. For one, it’s an incredibly courageous move for this university to take the stand into letting students convene the politics of their local environment. But in a wider view – it’s also an incredibly encouraging view into the possibilities of a ‘community open democracy’. 

Much of the problems I find with today’s protest culture, is it’s slandered by the protesters themselves, or the visual image that seems to distract away from the statement in hand. Really – aside from the politics of protest culture, there’s a very strong message – not revolution, but reform. 

It’s not a blind remark to say that today’s voting system isn’t one that rightfully see’s the politics of people get their views manifested. But stronger than that, why isn’t it the people that make up local communities, who decide what happens to it? For Goldsmiths this open approach has been an encouraging first push. But what about in our local areas too? 

A suggestion has been put into the public eye that really the next step in political re-imagination is down to us, the citizens. 

How do you fight a crisis? You gather together, people of all natures and you openly discuss the problems at hand. That’s in part, the idea behind this blog – opening up our everyday crises, for you to connect and converge with, be encouraged by, and learn from. 

– Robbie 


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