Weekly Music Linkup 29/04 – 06/05

So, last week I experienced something pretty inspiring. Whilst in the midst of a busy Friday night, in the back of a South London pub I watched 100 18-24 year-olds sit in absolute silence listening to a raga on a bansuri for twenty minutes straight. There’s something wonderful in watching people form completely alternate backgrounds coming together to experience something obscure that they’d never normally encounter – and the single, incredible effect it can have on people.


1. Book a bansuri player for every gig.

2. Every club night should have an artist in residence.

3. If you aren’t listening to Josie Long’s ‘Shortcuts’ podcasts, trust me, you’re missing out on something quite, quite brilliant. 

This week’s finds are all fire, beat and bass, and they’re some of the best, best, best, best things I’ve come across over the last few weeks. Seriously they’re sensational.

This week:

Bruised Skies

Before Most Had Awakened 

Miriam Simmons

London Afrobeat Collective


And while you’re at it, jump on Ben Hauke’s latest EP, out via Melodica Recordings https://bleep.com/release/50973-ben-hauke-wari-ep


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