Weekly Music Linkup 31/03 – 06/04

Week two, and jesus, the world has been a bit busy. This week, I started with the crew at Outside Org, helping them look after scouting as they build a new music division back in the company. But that’s dull business chat, and what we’re all really here for is to find out about new music.  

Findings out:

  1. Glastonbury is going to be incredible. Those that shun, know nothing of it’s wonder. 
  2. There’s a jazz trio in South London creating hoofing 80’s power ballads. They’re called Parshmaune – check them out.
  3. Working from a pub on Tottenham Court Road is one of the single best ways to spend an afternoon. 

On to the music, this week:

Mom Tudie 

Loyle Carner



Max Jury

And if you want to come and celebrate people that are passionate about doing music properly. Come join us at Steez next Friday at Bussey – https://www.facebook.com/events/294883147334143/?fref=ts



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