Wrote about Alexander Koning’s [Percep-tion] parties for Egg London – the first DJ to really bring techno to the Netherlands. 

Meeting: [Percep-tion]

Twenty years ago, techno was still a young genre, still yet to take a hold of Europe. The late 80’s and 90’s saw a scene emerge in Detroit and Berlin, but the rest of Europe was still in the firm grip of the burgeoning acid house scene.  However, the work of a few pioneering promoters who put a huge amount of time and energy into establishing it in their native country, the sound began to spread. One such man was Dutchman, Alexander Koning, the now label manager at [Percep-tion] Records, but saw him quickly establish himself as an extremely motivated promoter, and is now considered a legend of the European techno scene.

Having started out as ‘Eye’ back in 1993, Alexander Koning and Michael Beck weren’t happy with the state of Holland’s dance music scene. Eye was the landmark party to change all that. Inspired by the dark warehouse parties of Alex’s childhood – what first started as a joke, came to attract upwards of 3500+ people a night by the 1995. ‘Eye’ became one of the most popular parties in Holland – running up a massive presence and support for techno across the country, bringing names like Adam Beer, Chris Liebing, Joel Mull, Marc Romboy, Valentino Kanzyani, to a huge audience.  Alongside running his own record store, Eye grew bigger and bigger, until eventually it made sense for Alex to establish a new home of it, in his hometown of Haarlem, away from the crowded streets of Amsterdam. What they found was a landmark venue, a warehouse they could believe in.

But the millennium brought bad woe – and Alex was forced to leave music after serious health issues.

Two decades later he would emerge again, with new ideas, new music and a new ethos behind him. Playing his comeback at the infamous ‘Katerholzig’, the buzz of being back later inspired him to start [Percep-tion], a regular party that wasn’t only to be influenced by the music – but also art, performance, and the space itself.

Three years later, and [Percep-tion] was rocking crowds across Europe. In 2014, Alex’s plan is to bring [Percep-tion] to the whole of Western Europe, with dates booked across France, the UK, Germany and Holland. In recent years, the night has had the likes of Sebo K, Remi, Douglas Greed, AND.ID, Dirt Crew, Kyodai, Florian Meindel and more all play – as well as slew of open air parties.

The label has also gone on to score notable success,  scoring regular hits, consistently touching the topper echelons of Berlin’s beat charts, with future releases planned from K.Alexi Shelby and more.

Alex has a dizzying sense for experimentation – that mixes the best of art and music, and he’s someone we’re wholeheartedly ready to support. On April 26th the [Percep-tion] crew will be Joining us for a special Egg Presents with Stephan Bodzin, Marco Resmann, and Rampue Live, whilst Drumcode’s Nicole Moudaber and Kris Wadsworth are also in attendance.

Egg Presents
Saturday 26th April 2014
Egg London

Lineup: Nicole Moudaber, Kris Wadsworth, Stephan Bodzin, Marco Resmann, Rampue (Live) + more

Tickets: HERE

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