An opinion on being alone:

That need to stratify every event, to analyse, ponder and contextualise every experience is what makes it hard to be alone. Coming down from the buzz of being around people who pre-occupy your mind can be the loneliest space in the world. My greatest admiration goes to those who do not struggle to be alone. I think relationships can be part of a big damnation of that. Like Helen says, being in the constant presence of something and someone brilliant can mean you come to live your life in the space of two minds, and following a break up, it’s often the hardest thing in the world to learn to act as an individual again. At the moment, I feel like it’s my greatest struggle. I went from the happiest I have ever been in my life, to pretty much the lowest state of consciousness I have ever been in. In my lonely state, I needed the ever constant presence of someone else even to feel comfortable. Breaking away from that felt almost impossible. I became far too reliant, precocious, incredibly full of anxiety – and relied on the support network of a friend who I can now probably call my best. I’m not sure i’m comfortable yet in being alone. But there are moments when solitary confinement with the own mind can be incredibly positive.

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