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I spent most of this summer working at festivals – half with the intention of somehow learning about festival production, half as a blag to get me past the gates and watch some cool bands. In the end, though, I ended up learning a hell of a lot. It turns out that Emily Eavis is rather partial to a pavlova, and that Secret Garden Party’s secret is really that it just replicates the same spirit of accepting the mad and wonderful that brought such a collaboration of bonkers ideas to Worthy Farm back in the late-70’s, right at the time it’s expansion turned it into not only a commercial enterprise but a home for those that just seem bewildering in the normal confines of society. Anyway, here’s where i made it too and few articles I gone did this summer. Have a browse, have a read and go and explore some of the side projects –

See you in a field next year. 


The day before Field Day me and the crew set to be working on the box office and in the press tent did a site visit. During which we were forced into a marquee to avoid the rain that was tearing apart the entire site. We were terrified. Luckily, the next day the sun returned in sterling form and everything ran without a hitch. So a personal thanks goes to Mimi at Eat Your Own Ears, who did a ridiculously amazing job on her first year in press for the festival. BIG UP. 


I got the unbelievable chance to go meet a few of the team about a year on a ridiculously ambitious hitchike to the festival site, which somehow ended up with me working shifts in the press tent. Besides that, here’s what I wrote about the world’s best party: 




Oh and for the best commentary of this year’s festival – go look at VICE The Guardian, or alternatively, the in-house Glastonbury Free Press newspaper they built and printed on site this year. 


Two years down the line, me and a crew of 30 or so other volunteer staff – all aged between 18 and 24 – helped put together the second Brainchild Festival. Having last year occupied a site just north of London, this year we moved down to Canterbury to bring King Krule, Filthy Boy, Benin City and a whole host of other young talent to a audience that’s strapped for cash. Tickets were £50. For that, we had tie-dying t-shirt workshops, 13 hour jam sessions, live theatre and spoken word, and a self-run bar that meant cheap pints all weekend. See, young people aren’t half bad when they get ambitious? Plans revealed for next year soon. 



Thanks to Nick Bateson of SGP’s great press team, I was at my second Garden Party. It was wonderful as ever. The highlights? Faithless and their fire show they proceeded, the beautiful addition of a brand-spanking new lake, and SGP’s just full-blown charisma in putting on one of the best parties of the summer. Words supplied to LOBF –




It was my 19th birthday weekend – thus, I can’t tell you much about the 24 hours I spent there. I’ll admit, the review I did for Artrocker’s a bit dull, as the festival itself is slightly mind-blowing – but it’s the teenagers who feel the need to stuff gunk up their nose every five minutes that come to it that make it questionable.  



Thanks to Will Slater of The 405, I made it to my first Green Man. It was absolutely staggering and I couldn’t find the words to do it justice, but go have a look at the bountifully brilliant Merlin Jobst’s words on it instead.

Warning: also features photos of four boys in their underpants in a river. 



With half the crew who were behind Brainchild Festival on the planning team – this little festival was well worth a trip south for. Choosing not to release the line-up until the day – a real energy and charisma gave the festival a unique charm. One thing I learnt? Ghostpoet is most definitely worth more late night festival bookings next year. It’s well a worth going next year.


It was my third year at Bestival thanks to Bruce Hay and the wonderful crew at Get Involved – and blimey has the place stepped up in that time. After the first year I went I wrote about it as being radical, life-changing and a brilliant example of a young festival maturing into an older skin. In the preview I below, I unrightfully questioned whether it could keep it’s integrity. It could. New site redevelopments, new areas, and new bookings made it a spectacular weekend. On the list for next year. 


To next summer – and thanks to all the brilliant PR’s, production teams, programmers, promoters and people that made it happen.

Big love to you all. 


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