Bedroom Authors: Brand Flash // I got interviewed by Tej for MTV Voices – I talk about how I built the almostflash brand, and how it can be important as a freelancer.

Robbie Flash Wojciechowski

Why Flash? “Because I have a ridiculous surname that no one can pronounce, there was no cool way of branding it”.

Robbie has just turned 18, but is already an established journalist, brand consultant, musical booking agent, runs his own freaking record label and is a raging ball of ideas and anarchy. Upon deciding that his extraordinarily long surname wasn’t working in his favour, he came up with his “Flash” brand and website. “It’s just been a way of getting my work out there- and the great thing about self-branding is that it allows you to build on your own ideas, ideologies and people begin to associate all those things with the word “Flash””. His site has enabled him to build a huge profile and as a result has seen him feature as a music expert speaking on panels, a festival and gig reviewer, a social commentator specialising in youth and protest issues, and a researcher and consultant for different brands. “Having a brand is great, you create your own universe and it alludes to something bigger. It projects you further than you could get if you were just trying to get by freelancing, looks more professional and as its online, shows that you understand something about the digital world”.

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